We know how important it is for you to make a business acquisition that matches your skills and personal goals or depart from a dying market. Benefit from our knowledge of contracts, mergers, acquisitions, negotiations, and deal structuring, using our expertise to complete their ideal business needs.Brantley Global’s Business Acquisition & Disposition Services helps the following groups make successful business acquisitions: investors, financial business buyers/sellers, industry buyers/sellers, individual business buyers/sellers, and strategic business buyers/sellers. We help them find, evaluate, purchase and/or sell all or part of their desired business through our unique “Business Acquisition & Disposition Services and Solutions:”

  • Development of business parameters to drive the business acquisition or disposition process
  • Encourage tentative yet attractive sellers and buyers by eliminating obstacles such as unrealistic valuations and concerns with employees, suppliers and integration
  • Negotiate and structure deals to benefit the business buyer or seller
  • Develop strategies to ensure the client receives a timely and successful business acquisition/disposition and integration plan